Starting your New Year off right

Eat better, Get active, Be happy!

Now that the New Year is here and we set our goals, why not add three more easy things to the mix and reap long lasting benefits that will make a healthier you? Like many of you, year after year, I’ve made new year’s resolutions that started off well , then I begin to slack, and then eventually within a quarter of the year, I’ve stopped and have forgotten all about the resolution.  Here’s the typical resolution, “I’m going to get a gym membership, start working out and lose 15 pounds!” Well we start off with good intentions but don’t follow through.  What’s the solution?  I believe we have to change our daily thinking.  Don’t focus on the number of pounds we lose or the inches we drop, but focus on the overall goal of healthier living.  It’s possible with three easy changes which are eating better, getting active, and being happier.  First, our body needs food, not just any food but “good food.” Start by choosing healthier options when we eat out.  Hey why not stop eating out all together or limit eating out to just once a week or once a month? The benefits are a “no brainer,” it will save you money! Try to eliminate fried foods or sweets and even soda. Then find healthier replacements such as using honey instead of sugar, and drink water instead of soda and dust off the old George Foreman grill and bake and grill your meats.  Second, get active by getting in the habit of a regular routine of walking, aerobics, or popping in that workout DVD you got three Christmases ago. Either way you look at it some motion is better than none. The benefits: you may not have to unbutton your pants when you want to sit down and we all know that when we look good we feel good! And last, be happy!   Ever realize that you’re in a salty mood, dragging and there’s no pep in your step?  Think positive, be optimistic and smile.  By doing so, you will realize that your day will be brighter and you may have even brightened someone else’s day. Your negative energy can spread to others and it simply isn’t tasteful. Well take a look at how you live every day and how you’re treating your body. Think of it this way… what you put in, is what you get out.  So, if your feeding your body junk then you’re going to feel and look like junk! Believe it or not exercising and being active gives you energy and a feeling of accomplishment, so don’t be surprised if the sedentary life that you’re living seems to be a revolving door and you can’t get out of that slum.  This isn’t trigonometry its common sense and you either got it or you don’t! Start now and make these three easy changes in your life and begin to feel and look better, believe me it will work! Eat better, Get active, Be happy! This is not a weight loss gimmick or some satisfaction guarantee product, it’s just some good advice that we should take and pass along to a friend. Take the challenge to start your new year off right and best wishes to you all on your journey in 2012, the year to live well.  K25*

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